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Bohemia Company

Sale of ready-made companies, the best start in business

Bohemia Company specializes in the sale of ready-made companies not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and Great Britain, USA or Belize. We offer Ltd and equity capital companies. All these firms are established to be sold to the final client within 24 hours!

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We ensure:

  • full service
  • minimum of 25 companies to choose from
  • preparation of all necessary documents
  • change of commission agent or executive board member with instant efficiency
  • change of supervisory board
  • company business share / stocks and bonds transaction
  • change of trade name in case of need
  • expansion or complete change of subject of enterprise
  • possible change of company seat
  • representation of client in dealing with state administration
  • license declaration
  • collecting of trade license, eventually license deed
  • interposing a suggestion for entering changes in company into the trade register
  • registration of company for VAT and other taxes
  • verification of translated documents
  • other counseling services

We guarantee our clients:

  • the whole purchase will take less than 24 hours
  • the company is immediately capable to act
  • immediate force of the new commission agent or executive board member
  • paid-up basic capital (Ltd - 200.000,-CZK, equity capital – 2 million CZK)
  • the addition of the company into the trade register
  • registration for corporation income tax
  • without business history, engagements or claims
  • absolute idleness of company before purchase (excluding the actions essential for company floatation)

Associated services:

  • book-keeping
  • tax consulting
  • summoning a realization of general meetings including all administration
  • representation at Trades Licensing Offices, financial offices and other offices of state administration
  • Consulting services in the area of preparation and verification of foreign public documents (floatation documents of foreign companies etc.)