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Bohemia Company

Granting of a registration address

Another service we offer our clients is the granting of a prestigious address, which can be used as a seat of the company. This involves companies purchased from Bohemia Company, but also already existing companies of our clients. Ensuring needed administrative services is a part of seat rental.

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If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We ensure:

  • granting company seat at prestigious a address
  • compliance of all terms specified by obligatory regulations
  • compliance of all legal requirements concerning a company seat
  • labeling the seat of the company by a trade name and identification number
  • service concerning receiving, custody and re-sending mail
  • setting up a telephone and fax line
  • short time rental of a board room
  • contact of the company with the public and organs of the state administration
  • electronic access to received mail, table of telephone calls, voice messages and faxes

We guarantee our clients:

  • easily accessible administrative buildings
  • reasonable expenses
  • minimum of 12 months rental
  • the majority of realty where we offer our service belong to us or to an allied subject
  • no virtual office without administrative support
  • continuity of service
  • less administrative problems
  • prestige
  • representative spaces
  • savings due to not paying an own office and reception

Associated services:

  • granting a purely contact address for public relations or as a address for receiving mails
  • custody of mails pro later pick up or its re-sending to a specified address in or outside the Czech Republic
  • handing over mails in a different business center, than the one where it was perceived